Sunday, December 23, 2018

It's depressing when it's almost 'The Holiday'

Some days my life feels dull and depressing. So I relieve the stress of my lonely Asperger-Syndrome life by playing a game on my cell phone. Specifically, 'The Walking Dead: The Road to Survival.'

Only this game has factions. Groups of players who fight together. I was in what I thought was a pretty good faction. Only suddenly our faction leader has this great brainstorm: we're all going to quit the faction and join up with another faction. Our faction has always been about 1/2 strength anyway. But the faction that he arranged for us to join is a faction with a MISSPELLED NAME. The Feirce_Fighters. 

I can't join a faction with a misspelled name! It's like a math teacher joining a faction with a wrong arithmetic problem as a name. Can't be done!

So I'm in a faction where the leader and the most active players have jumped ship and there is a faction event (Survival Road) and I'm almost the only one putting points on the board from our 1/3 strength faction. No one is in faction chat, and I get by just by fantasizing about creating a NEW faction with me as the leader. I already have a name for my future faction. But it all seems so pointless....

On the good side I've been sorting through the bookcases in my book hoard. I have an extra bedroom where I keep all the books, and it's been a real rat's nest for a few years now. But I've moved 7 bookcases to new places, sorted out 3 bookcases for science fiction and fantasy, one for true crime, one for Westerns and historicals.... I have one more bookcase downstairs I have to move upstairs, and a second one I have to fix a little and then also move upstairs. Once I've got the majority of my books shelved, I can start sorting through and give some books away to Saint Vinnie's, compost a few falling-apart or evil-evil-evil books, and then I'll have shelf space to sort more of my keepers into proper categories. And my downstairs bookcase where I keep the cookbooks is moving from my cluttered kitchen into the downstairs bedroom. I'll just have to walk in there to consult cookbooks from now on.

But now I'm too tired from moving furniture to do more up there, and I still haven't got the call from family members about Christmas dinner so I still don't know if I'm invited, and they just don't like to call me which is why I'm too scared to call them (that and the Asperger Syndrome) and I'm sure there's nothing good on television.....

Once Christmas is over and life for other people is back to normal and my life is back to normal-weird, things with be better. Deo gratia!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Blog Moving, again

I've always used Blogger blogs. But then one day Blogger made me join Google+ and I wanted out and you couldn't get out, and so I started a blog.

I have scads of other neglected blogs here. More importantly, I like features available here that you can't get on, or at least not for free.

I decided to start a version of the Wordpress blog here. And then found that I couldn't get to the page that allows you to start a new blog on Blogger, so I repurposed an old one. This used to be a private writing diary which I never use. So I deleted the old posts and am planning to start writing here.

I don't know what I'm going to do about my Wordpress blog. It's kind of annoying since people keep reading it. Well, I won't have that problem here. Or at least not at first.
Nissa Annakindt