Ebook: Surly Petunia

My first poetry chapbook (mini-book) was called 'surly petunia.' Later, after I published Opium Cactus, I wanted to make a short ebook of my poetry available. It includes the contents of the original surly petunia and some more recent poems.

The ebook is only 99 cents, so it's a good way of getting a sample of my work. It doesn't have any reviews yet, so I really hope if you buy the book you will review it. Even if you didn't like it and say so!

Sail away in an indigo inkwell to a poetic world where paper dragons worry about their flammability, opium grows on cacti, poison mushrooms are delicious, and atomic bombs wonder about their victims. Dropping in to a vat of melted lawn furniture, you will meet neophyte carpet prostitutes and motorcycle gang accountants, Buddhist spiders and crucifix heroes and a local bolshevik tsaritsa. 24 poems.

Surly Petunia

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