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Hi, and welcome to my latest blog! I have been blogging for  years. Even before there WAS blogging I had a one-woman ‘zine I mailed out to various not-necessarily-interested people. I’ve had a number of blogs with different topics, but this is different.

This blog is about ‘the culture.’ If you are Christian/Catholic and/or conservative, or you talk to people who are, you may have heard people complaining about ‘the culture.’ What’s wrong with the culture? It’s disintegrating.

Older people know this by experience, but younger people are trained not to listen. When I was in grade school, the slogan was ‘don’t trust anyone over 30.’ Recently, in connection with the Brexit vote in Great Britain, angry young people said older people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, because they voted ‘wrong.’ Bias against more mature people is one reason that assisted ‘suicide’ of the elderly is so popular among the young. I suppose that means it would be stupid of me to admit my age. I really, really shouldn’t do it if I want my opinion to count. OK, I was born in 1958. Do the math. 

When I was a kid, everybody spoke well of ‘The Golden Rule.’ “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” It wasn’t just devout Christians. Liberal post-Christians, secularists, agnostics, everyone said they thought the Golden Rule was a good idea. And as a result, almost everyone had the idea that they should treat other people the way they themselves wanted to be treated. It was a cultural norm: so even if you were a militant atheist who objected to the Golden Rule because Jesus said it, you felt like you had to act like you were following the Golden Rule. Because if you weren’t, people would think you were a mean, nasty swine, and they wouldn’t listen to you when you were preaching your atheism. 

Now things are wildly skewed. Doing the most innocent things is evil because some people claim to be ‘triggered’ by them. People are insisting that one half of the political spectrum stay silent (and disenfranchised) lest they ‘trigger’ people who think opposition political symbols are the same as KKK costumes.

What we are losing is Western Civilization, which combined things from the Greek and Roman pagans with the Hebraic/Scriptural traditions enshrined in the Jewish and Christian faiths. Losing this common ground means that anything/everything is possible. Freedom is slavery. Truth is Falsehood. Men are Women. Cruelty is Kindness. 

Even though I’m sure it is a thought crime by now, I’m standing up against ‘the culture’ and in favor of real culture. Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worth of praise, think about these things. 

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