About Nissa

Nissa Annakindt is a published poet, a would-be novelist, and a barn-cat aficionado. She is old enough to remember when things were better, so she's usually grumpy.

Nissa's maternal grandparents came from Germany, and her paternal family is Scottish, Irish, Bohemian (Czech, from Domazalice) and Ottawa Indian. Her mother spoke German as a first language and taught Nissa enough German words to get her hooked on languages. She studied German in college, and Spanish, Esperanto, French, Russian, Serbian, Swahili, Volap√ľk and Solresol as a hobby. She's not really great at any language other than English, but can read German, Esperanto, and, when necessary, French.

Nissa's other addictions include books, science fiction including the Original Star Trek, Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, local history and true crime (Albert Fish & Ed Gein are favorites, Lizzie Borden was INNOCENT!), music, alternate history, Hitler (or is he under true crime?), Standing with Israel, the Trivium, logic and, most importantly, correct spelling and correct pronouns ('They' means 'more than one person.'), and thinking about death.

Nissa has Asperger Syndrome, which was 'cured' when they named it Autism Spectrum Disorder. Whatever it is, I still have it. However, over the years I have learned not to be crushed by the bullies Asperger Syndrome people accumulate. Instead I tend to mock them and correct their logical fallacies and spelling mistakes. Be warned.

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