Saturday, January 26, 2019

When Kids Come-Out as Gay, Parents Mourn

Recently on General Hospital a character considered that her young son might be gay. (Because he likes to bake cookies and cupcakes, and that’s so gay.) And of course she has to be happy about that, though she’s allowed to worry that the ‘homophobes’ might be mean to the little tike.

OK, here is a reality check. When a child comes out as gay— at age 7 or age 30— parents will mourn. And it’s not because they are bad or hateful or not-Leftist-enough. It is just a reality. And facing reality is just so alt-right, isn’t it?

Now, why am I allowed to even talk about this? 
  1. I have same-sex attraction (homosexual attraction, ‘Gay’ ‘Lesbian’ status)
  2. I have parents and I came out to them
  3. The First Amendment has not yet been repealed.

Why do parents mourn? Shouldn’t they be glad that their kid, even if White, now has precious ‘protected minority’ status?

Parents mourn that their dream died
Parents may dream of grandchildren, of their child as a happily married, in the traditional sense, person. Of continuing the line. And also, of their child being the child they have come to know since that child’s infancy. Instead, that child is gone and a member of the LGBTXYZ movement is left in his place. 

Parents fear for their child’s life
When you reveal that you are gay, parents fear you might get AIDS— which can still kill you. They fear you might be murdered by a Jeffery Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy type. They fear you will get involved with the use of dangerous drugs popular in some Gay circles. 

Parents worry their child will go to hell
It’s not just that gay sex and sex before (valid) marriage are sins— violations of the law of God— according to the Bible. Promiscuous behavior is much more accepted in the Gay community. The Church and the Bible are widely rejected as ‘hateful,’ and those Gay people who don’t choose atheism or paganism often choose ‘welcoming’ churches that reject parts of the Bible that the Gay community doesn’t like— not just the things about sexual sin, but that Jesus was/is the Son of God, that hell/eternal punishment is possible, and that we don’t create our own reality since that’s God’s job.

Parents don’t want to be bullied
I have heard a story of a teenager who came out as Gay. He then informed his Catholic parents that they must leave the Catholic Church at once, or they would no longer be his parents. The Gay community deceives us into thinking we can make demands like that of our loved ones. Yet our parents can’t demand that we quit being Gay— or even suggest that we might TRY to quit being Gay. Because that would be hateful, while ordering your family member to give up God is perfectly fine.

Parents feel their child will have a less-good life
Gay people who embrace their ‘gayness’ miss out on things. Some, especially males, spend years in gay bars chasing after utter strangers to have sexual encounters with, instead of building a long-term married relationship. They fear you will miss out on having children, because for a gay person— even one with a ‘partner’— having children is a very costly proposition. They fear you will be trained to be involved in politics and activism instead of working to get better job qualifications or volunteering to help people in your community. 

Gay activists don’t want you to realize the truth about this matter, because they want you to be judging people instead. Only bad parents let you know their mournful feelings when you ‘come-out.’ Blame, blame, blame. I guess I should ALSO judge my parents harshly because they weren’t happy when my school said something unspecified was wrong with me (I got my diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome decades too late) and I’m sure they mourned that, too. In part because I was a clever child and they hoped I would do well. 

As a woman with same-sex attraction, I don’t like to think of myself as someone who caused my parents sorrow. Even though it’s true. But I don’t think living in a dream world, or else cutting myself off from my family for not reacting the way the LGBTXYZ movement demands they react. Sorry, if I have to choose between my loving parents and the cold, cruel Gay movement, the Gay movement has got to go.

Note to fellow Catholics/Christians: I believe the Bible teachings about the wrongness of homosexual sex acts, including the lust-in-the-heart bit. I have found that a celibate life is way more fun, anyway.

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