Thursday, January 24, 2019

Should Covington kids be killed?

There has been a controversy for the past few days. There were some kids from a Covington, KY Catholic school at the March for Life. While going to their bus, they got caught in the middle between some Black Israelite racists and some American Indian ‘protesters.’ The two groups were quarreling because the Black Israelites don’t like American Indians any better than they like ‘Whites’ or Asians. An American Indian activist pointed out the Covington children as a better target for the Black Israelites. Then the Indian walked over to the Covington kids and beat his drum at them. 

There was a bit of video of one Covington boy smiling at the American Indian drummer. Some of the other Covington kids did a school cheer to drown out the profanity from the Black Israelites. Progressive and anti-life (pro-abortion) people made the video go viral by claiming that the Covington kids were the only aggressors.

There were internet claims that the Covington kids should be killed by locking them in their school and burning it down. (Because non-public religious schools are to be eliminated, apparently.) ‘Kinder’ harassers just wanted the kids punched in the face. They also ‘doxed’ or revealed private information, such as phone numbers, of the kids and their parents— even of Covington kids who didn’t even go to the March for Life and might even be pro-death for all we know. The Covington school had to be shut down the other day due to massive threats of bombings and school shootings.

Some Leftists did change their minds and apologize for nasty things they said. But others still believe the Covington kids are evil Nazis. Why? Because they were at the March for Life, because of the color of their skin, or because of the color of their hats, in the case of the few kids wearing MAGA hats. The dream of Martin Luther King Jr, that some day we would judge people for the content of their character instead of the color of their skin, is officially dead— battered to death by hateful online Progressives, Socialists and abortion activists. We aren’t supposed to have characters with any content these days anyway.

To be fair to the anti-Covington crowd: we already know that those on the Left are overwhelmingly OK with the killing of unborn children through surgical and medical abortions. Most also are keen on killing the sick, disabled and elderly through assisted ‘suicide’ and euthanasia, even for people who are unable to give their consent. Why should we expect they would cherish the right-to-life of teens who might grow up to vote the ‘wrong’ way? Many on that side of things have declared they want the White House to be bombed, because they want Donald Trump and his wife and children to die, and don’t care if they have to wreck a historic building to do that.

Leftists do have the right to be Leftists: but there are limits to freedom of speech. No one argues that a Mafia don has the ‘freedom of speech’ to order a subordinate to kill someone, and so should not be prosecuted for the murder. In the same way, when people utter threaten violence, dox people, and do other nasty things, they should bear the consequences. In the case of the synagogue shooting, Leftists felt that the shooter should have been punished for his first anti-semitic remark on social media. They don’t understand that it works both ways— both people they like and people they hate should be under the same rules. People who threaten to shoot up a Catholic school should be in the same degree of trouble as people who threaten to shoot up a synagogue or Gay bar or a Democratic convention. 

Covington Catholic School and the Coming Gulags
Author Declan Finn's video blog about the Covington stuff. I NEVER watch videos online normally, but this one, even though over 25 minutes, was worth my time.

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