Monday, January 28, 2019

If Walls Don't Work, Why NOT Build One?

Walls don’t work. That’s why you don’t have to build a fence around your backyard swimming pool. Physical barriers don’t work. Then what is the harm of building one?

If walls don’t work, building a border wall or barrier wouldn’t work, and that would be a waste of government funds. Like all the other wastes of government funds. Government funds Planned Parenthood, an organization which does absolutely nothing for pregnant women that plan on parenthood. They just do abortions and raunchy, ineffective sex ed videos to create the need for more abortions. Government gives summertime free lunches even to rich and middle-class kids! 

What would be the harm to spend a little money on the Wall, when in exchange you can get concessions from Pres. Trump on the things you do want? But the reason that Führerin Pelosi doesn’t want to spend even a little on the wall is that she knows it would work, and she doesn’t want to lose the illegal immigrant vote.

If walls didn’t work, spending a little money on one to placate people and get what your party really wants is no big deal. That’s what politics is all about. You negotiate, you compromise, you fund what the other guy wants to get what you think is really good funded. 

But if the wall would diminish illegal immigrate significantly, and your political party depends upon the illegal immigrant population for votes, you won’t compromise. You want the illegal immigrants more than you want to help DACA immigrants facing deportation. That’s why the Dems wouldn’t compromise. They don’t want immigration reform. They want illegal immigrants.

I remember hearing story after story of real human beings who had homes along the border. Some had so many illegal immigrants crossing their yard it made a trail! They experienced crime and fear in their own homes. And for some of them, a border barrier was built nearby and things got better.  Is there any reason why we can’t build more barriers where it is needed?

I’ve heard a wise guy say that if there is a wall, criminals will just use ladders. Yeah. Some human trafficker is going to get four bound-and-gagged, struggling girls out of his car and carry them up a ladder. And down the other ladder which has magically appeared on the other side. And somehow get a car on the other side and put the women in it with no one noticing. And the drug smugglers will have a great time carrying their cargo up and down ladders. 

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