Saturday, January 19, 2019

Feminism is about aborting female children

They've lied to us. They say, whenever the universal duty of women to support feminism is questioned, that feminism is just about being fair to women. And yet in the real world what feminists want includes that which is destructive--- no, actually deadly, to the most vulnerable of us.

In some parts of the world, like India, selective abortion of female children is very well accepted. There are centers which offer ultrasounds to detect the unwanted preborn girls, and abortions to clean up that problem. Since abortion centers are notoriously bad at handling the fetal corpses produced by their industry, there have been discoveries of wells clogged with female 'fetuses.'

International feminism doesn't care about that, being more concerned that all global restrictions on abortions be lifted and that Third World women be sold on the questionable notion that aborting their children will make them more prosperous.

In the United States, it has been proposed many times that laws be passed forbidding the selective abortion of females, or of babies of an undesired racial makeup. Feminism says 'no.' Women should have the right to abort all the female children, or half-Black children, that they want to.

To my mind, that means that feminism is more about shilling for the abortion industry than about doing anything that helps real-world women. Feminists even want to close down the pro-life pregnancy centers that offer actual help to pregnant women that don't want to abort their children. Many women have discovered that Planned Parenthood centers-- the largest abortion center chain--- have absolutely no help for the woman who doesn't want an abortion. You never hear of a Planned Parenthood center holding a diaper drive, or collecting used strollers, car seats, and cribs for young mothers in poverty. It's the prolife pregnancy centers that do that.

Feminism used to be better. I remember when feminists wanted to ban the dangerous I.U.D.--- a 'contraceptive' method that doesn't prevent conception, but which prevents newly conceived children from implanting in the uterus, and which causes health problems for women. I remember when feminists even made some lip service about getting housewives some sort of salary--- they probably meant a government program, and they gave that up quick because they wanted to force housewives out of their homes, even if it meant low-paying jobs that didn't even cover the cost of proper child care.

I know there are some misguided prolife women who call themselves 'prolife feminists.' I wonder why they are so set on linking themselves to a pro-abortion movement that doesn't even want them. Women have no duty to support a feminist movement that doesn't even care if women become the minority due to selective abortions, any more than men are required to join some 'masculinist' group they don't agree with. Even 'mere' women should have the right of freedom of opinion.

That large numbers don't think that is shown by an online discussion I read when Sarah Palin was a candidate for vice-president. They claimed that no one should vote for her because she was 'against women's rights.' I've never heard any MALE candidate dismissed utterly just because of having a prolife position, even though that would be 'against women's rights' as well. I guess that though people give lip service to the idea that women are equal, the idea persists that we are a lot less equal than men. At least if we refuse to bow to feminism we are.


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